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Our mission & story

Bob and Ross Co. is a company created after a real event that happened on October 25th 2022, filled with love and loss. There were two cherished sisters named Bob and Ross. These two beautiful cats brought immense joy and affection to our  family. Their presence lit up every room, and their gentle purrs warmed the hearts of all who encountered them. During a sweltering day, our family’s central AC suddenly stopped working, leaving us  in need of a quick solution. Window AC units became the temporary saviors to combat the relentless heat. Little did we know that these units would become a source of both hope and tragedy.

One fateful day, while our  family was temporarily away, a heart-wrenching incident unfolded. An intruder attempted to break into the home through one of the window AC units. Bob, ever vigilant and curious, saw an opportunity and ventured outside. Tragically, the bustling traffic proved to be a fatal encounter for Bob, leaving our family devastated by the unimaginable loss.

In honor of Bob’s memory and the indelible impact she had on our lives, we decided to transform our grief into something meaningful. We embarked on a journey to establish an online t-shirt store dedicated to Bob, forever preserving her spirit and the memories cherished.

This store will not only celebrate Bob’s extraordinary personality but also serve as a platform to raise awareness about the importance of pet safety and the love that animals bring into our lives. A portion of the proceeds from every sale would be donated to animal shelters or pet organizations, ensuring that Bob’s legacy would extend far beyond our own family.

Through this heartbreaking experience, our family discovered the power of resilience and the boundless capacity for love. Bob’s memory will live on, inspiring others to treasure their beloved pets and to strive for a world where all animals are treated with kindness and compassion.

Rest in peace, dear Bob. You will forever be remembered as the cuddliest and sweetest black cat, leaving an indelible paw print on the hearts of those who had the privilege of knowing you. May your story continue to touch lives and remind us all of the precious bonds we share with our furry companions.